Pedestrian fatalities


Model #SG-112


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Works in any light:

     How does the Stopping Guard® work?

​The Stopping Guard® is a cost effective, light weight, portable alternative

and/or addition to current-to-market traffic safety devices, designed to be

used mostly by School Crossing Guards.

With the Stopping Guard
®, the Crossing Guard agent is able to remotely

control multiple flashing LED lights on up to four crosswalks zones with

one small, hand held remote control.

The Stopping Guard
® is not intended to replace current traffic safety

devices, simply act as an enhancement.

The Stopping Guard
® increases driver and pedestrian compliance,

visibility, reducing injury and death by utilizing audio and visual alerts.

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Stopping Guard® 

Stopping Guard®,  a cost effective solution that works better!

See the Difference

              Features & Benefits

​Instant Safety.

Secure any crosswalk in seconds. 

Innovative Technology. 

Multiple lane control, high visibility.

Remote Activation.

 Stop traffic with the touch of a button.

Low Cost Solution. 

High visibility traffic calming for less.

Simple Set Up.

Lightweight, portable & easy to use. 


Highest Quality.

 Military grade, weather proof & shock resistant.

Increased Driver Compliance.

Faster stopping. 

Increased Pedestrian Compliance. 

Audible & visual alerts.

Dual Control Output.

Day & Night Feature.

Increased Power.

Up to four weeks per charge.

Longer Life.

High performance Li-ion batteries, up to 1,000 charges.


Full (1) one year coverage.

Lifetime Guarantee.

Free crash replacement.

& More.