Pedestrian injuries and deaths are preventable.

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Studies show that LED lights save lives.

Photos are actor portrayals. 

​The Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration  

   (FHWA) agrees that L.E.D. lights improve driver compliance.

The School Crossing Guard program was implemented nearly 100

years ago to solve a problem; children were getting injured or worse.

A century later, we are moments away from going to Mars, still our

Crossing Guards and children are getting run down in the streets.

Not acceptable!​  

"Every School Crossing Guard has

 experienced many near-misses, or worse."

They need help. Every day, Crossing Guards put their lives on the line

for the protection of our children, their friends and our neighbors.

A 100 years later, The Stopping Guard® was created to help end

this problem.

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Houston, we have a problem.

"The FHWA is continually in pursuit of new and unique technologies."

Let's Fix This.

Nearly 100 years ago, in 1923 in Omaha, Nebraska, the School Crossing Guard concept was born.  The Safety Patrol was formed due to the dangers of fast-moving cars. 

Unfortunately, for the School Crossing Guard and the children they protect, not much has changed, except the speed of the vehicles.

School Crossing Guard  agents are generally provided with limited safety tools.

A fluorescent vest, a paddle stop sign, a whistle and possibly a few traffic cones. 

Until now there has not been a viable option.

Pedestrian Safety Systems

Crossing Guards Need Help.  And our kids do too.

Crossing Guards & kids are still dying!

Stopping Guard® is the Solution.

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Pedestrian Safety Systems


Pedestrian Safety Systems